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  • ..ok so who's going to write the harry x artist zayn renaissance AU.. like naked harry posing for suave lady/man killer zayn who normally doesn't get all hot and bothered when he's painting his subjects but harry is making it hard for him to concentrate bc he's pushing out his bare ass and fluttering his eyelashes and flexing his arm/stomach muscles and pouting his lips on purpose.. and not to mention zayn sees his very endowed package r.i.p. in peace any artist who would take on harry


    harry would be a lowkey courtesan who’s always seen ~apprenticing with various noblemen, keeping wealthy ladies company. he’s a bit scandalous, but he has just the look zayn’s patron wants in their bacchus painting, all big curls and doe eyes. if only harry would stop getting hard. it’s obscene. 

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  • I’d also love a single father plot where the partner is the babysitter or something. Or he’s trying to get out there and dating again and he’s never mentioned the kid so when the date is at his house one night and a small two year old comes walking into the room they’re rather surprised.

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  • Just please give me a plot with like either two really popular college girls/guys and everyone wants to get with them but it turns out they’re hella gay for each other 

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    A Little Bit Of Your Heart
    Ariana Grande
  • written by Harry Styles and Johan Carlsson

    i don’t ever ask you
    where you’ve been
    and i don’t feel the need to
    know who you’re with
    i can’t even think straight
    but i can tell
    that you were just with her
    and i’ll still be your fool
    i’m a fool for you

    just a little bit of your heart [x3]
    is all i want
    just a little bit of your heart [x2]
    just a little bit is all i’m asking for

    i don’t ever tell you
    how i really feel
    i can’t find the words to
    say what i mean
    nothing’s ever easy
    that’s what they say
    i know i’m not your only
    but i’ll still be your fool
    'cause i'm a fool for you


    i know i’m not your only
    but at least i’m one

    i heard a little love
    is better than none

    [chorus x2]

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  • Amber Heard photographed by Ellen von Unwerth | Guess Fall 2011 Campaign

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    text posts meme + zayn&liam

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  • I really wanna play more broken boys? Like give me characters addicted to drugs, or involved in dangerous schemes, maybe former soldiers who’ve developed a from of anxiety, orphaned boys, boys from a shitty domestic situation. I just have needs for complicated sad characters they’re my favorites to play and they always come with interesting plots too!!

Amnesia video still

    Amnesia video still

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